Virtual Reality MOCORE Advanced Modules

In addition to our VR Education Module for the development of projects by local NJ high school students, students in the MOCORE Lab have developed advanced virtual reality games for motor-rehabilitation.

Sam Wilder - Mario Party Minigame

A study of the Mario Party 6 minigame “Hyper Sniper”, repurposed for physical therapy use. The current build focuses on the development of an environment to emulate a minigame where players shoot targets and compete for score. New studies have begun to explore utilizing more serious games for rehabilitation though principles such as meaningful play and challenge [Burke 2009]. We wish to test whether the utilization of mechanics and concepts that are already found to be engaging to people in normal circumstances can be refactored for rehabilitative use.

Download a PDF Tutorial Document

Instructions presented prior to each trial

Screenshot of the VR game

Scene view presented in Unity

Video of the Hyper Sniper VR game being played in the single-player mode